Thermo-adhesive supports for footwear, leather goods, furniture, clothing


We can supply the customer with a wide range of jersey for springing from 90 gr./mt. up to 460 gr./mt.
Available in natural and black colours able to satisfy every need by applying any thermo-adhesive.



Range of cloth-based fabrics, both cotton and mixed polyester, available in natural, black and white colours, designed for every possible customer need combined with their thermo-adhesive.



Range of non-woven fabrics in various weights, both white and black, designed to give the customer the ideal alternative to the classic fabric.

TERMO 50: Application temperature 50°/80° – SOFT HAND

TERMO 90: Application temperature 90°/110° – FULL-BODIED HAND

TERMO P.G.: TApplication temperature 90°/100° – MEDIUM RIGID HAND
• particularly suitable for oily or greasy tanned leathers

TERMO TOP: Application temperature 90°-110° – SOFT HAND
• Latest generation thermo-adhesive. High technical content, suitable for difficult leathers and fabrics.

TERMO A: Application temperature 110°/120° –NORMAL HAND
• It is the most advanced of THERMO-ADHESIVES, formulated exclusively for EXPERT. It has a very wide range of applications and is valid on almost all leathers and fabrics (such as LYCRA) on the market.

TERMO POINTS: Application temperature 90°/100° – SOFT HAND
• Point thermo-adhesive with breathability and good anchoring on almost all materials (leather and fabric)

SELF-ADHESIVE: Application temperature COLD – MEDIUM HAND
• Possibility to also have the double-sided adhesive variant.

For decades Accoppiatura Expert has boasted a wide range of high-tech thermo-adhesive supports and a wide selection of high quality double-latex coated fabrics.
For years leader in the double-latex coated fabrics sector that are created by applying a latex coating on both sides of the fabric.
This is a process intended for the manufacturing and processing of mignons, braids, edges etc.

Double-Latex Coated Fabrics

Different fabrics, cotton, polyester-viscose blend and latex and double-latex processes for every need