eco-sustainable for a finished product with a reduced environmental impact

Respect for the environment is now a fundamental issue in daily life, but also and above all with regard to the pollution caused by massive global industrialization.

Everyone can do their part: several countries around the world have promised to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the coming years; many of the biggest brands have chosen to rely on recycled and ecological yarns.

The same decision was made by Coupling Expert who, in this way, also obtained the GRS certification.

Global Recycle Standard

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS), span promoted by Textile Exchange, it issues a certificate that guarantees the presence of recycled materials in manufacturing activities and in the products used, respecting the environment at all stages of the supply chain. The goal is to reduce the consumption of primary resources by encouraging the use of more eco-sustainable recycled products.

Therefore, in addition to the vast assortment of more traditional fabrics and processes, the customer now has the possibility of choosing bondings, resins and recycled materials, and therefore, eco-sustainable materials in order to create a finished product that has an outstanding environmental impact.