Accoppiatura Expert


Wide range of fabrics designed for the customer's needs and double latex coating using sophisticated techniques that have allowed us to be sector leaders.

About our supports

For decades Accoppiatura Expert has boasted a wide range of high-tech thermo-adhesive supports and a wide selection of high quality fabrics with double-latex coating.

Thermal adhesives and double-latex coated fabrics at the service of the fashion and footwear sectors

For years leader in the double-latex coated fabrics sector that are created by applying a latex coating on both sides of the fabric.
This is a process intended for the manufacturing and processing of mignons, braids, edges, profiles in the footwear sector.

Double-latex coated fabrics

Differenti tessuti, cotone, misto polyestere-viscosa e lavorazioni di latticiatura e bilatticiatura per ogni esigenza


Line of thermo-adhesive fabrics for footwear, leather wear, furniture, clothing. Discover the different types: Jersey Base, Canvas / Drill Base and TNT Base